What The Frock is about creating unique clothing from vintage and upcycled funky fabrics, hand sewn with a passion for slow fashion.

Kia Ora, I am Karen. I have been making my own clothes since I was 10, cutting up my Mum's 70's flares or nana's table cloths to make skirts and dresses. My life long passion for sewing, a crazy obsession for fabrics and a love of vintage has been a journey that has led me to create What The Frock, a one-person-business selling unique garments crafted by me in my tiny home studio.

The fabrics sourced for these bright garments are repurposed or salvaged from preloved textiles, and sometimes recoloured with natural dyes. This results in one-of-a-kind items for children and adults that are natural, non-toxic and made carefully with aroha. Each piece is intended to be handed down for generations, like we used to do in the 'old days'.

I am a bit of a percolator, brewing up ideas constantly, some of which come into fruition and may appear in my shop from time to time. I also like coffee.

This whole starship enterprise supports a green and ethical philosophy. It's about respecting the planet one garment at a time.

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