Handcrafted Linen textiles for your home. ingredients design NZ


I truly believe that what makes a space a home is not just the walls, roof line or awesome location but the ingredients you add that makes up the recipe of what a home means to you. These ingredients can showcase a personality, family life, interests or passions.

After a strong career working within New Zealand's fashion industry, a love of abstract painting and all things decor, I felt it was time to combine my knowledge and creativity together. Hence the creation of the ingredients design brand. (known as texdesign here on Felt)

For my textiles I work with 100% linen fabric because of it's natural qualities and texture. It is a great surface to print on, organic, biodegradable, ​and most importantly one of the least invasive on our environment to produce.
Design ideas are sketched and tested before printing with water soluble inks . As each part of a design is individually placed and block printed by hand in my home studio, the resulting cloth takes on its own unique "handwriting" ​and no two are identical. All designs are limited quantities or collections ​and may not be repeated. Truly Handcrafted right here in NZ!